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Sedona AZ

Holistic healing center just south of Sedona. A pond was sited and excavated high on the property to rehydrate the food forest being planted below it. This roughly 5,000 Sq. Ft. food forest is made up of around 25 guilds. A series of small overflow dishes help to protect the system from massive monsoon events, and allow more water to be captured and held on site. A 1000 gal. cistern at the bottom of the hill houses a pump to circulate water and oxygenate the pond with a waterfall.

Hardiness Zone: 8b


  • Pond/waterfall

  • 2 overflow pools 

  • 1000 gal cistern

  • Meditation rock

  • Drip irrigation 

  • Food forest 

  • Sheet mulch 

  • Cover crop 

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